72" Long Range with 48" Griddle, 24" Radiant Chabroiler and double oven base

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Delta Range manufactures and distributes quality commercial cooking equipment. Our ranges are manufactured modularly, so we can offer configurations that other range manufactures can not. Such as ranges with charbroilers, griddles, and burners within one range. We are developing a range that will have all of the above plus a built in fryer making it the most versatile range in the industry! Delta Range also manufactures Pizza ovens, Charbroilers, Griddles,  Custom cooking lines, Sinks, Worktables, and Dishtables. Our equipment is manufactured at our state of the art facility in Mexico City keeping the cost down but the quality up. Delta Range is distributed by Delta Equipment Distributors in Birmingham, Alabama. We have a stocking warehouse in Birmingham and McAllen Texas with plans to add more stocking warehouses throughout the U.S. as business grows. For more information please call 1-800-607-0450  or email



Delta Range can help you design the perfect kitchen using our products! We offer assistance through our representatives nationwide in designing custom cooking lines, dish rooms, prep areas.

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Delta Range manufactures commercial pizza ovens that are simple to use and half the price of some major brands! Our ovens can be double stacked and come in a 47-1/2" x 36" Interior dimension and a 60" x 36" Interior dimension


Radiant Charbroiler on enclosed base with casters


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